RNA-seq study

Dr. José E. García Arrarás Laboratory

Having high-speed internet connection is facilitating our productivity in the following ways.

First, we are currently running an RNA-seq study, which requires regular access to a remote high performance computer facility. Being able to upload gigabytes of raw sequencing data significantly speeds up the assembly and analysis steps.

 Second, our lab is is quite productive and constantly produces scientific output in the form of papers, databases, and preprints. Therefore, being able to rapidly transfer large files, including high-resolution images and datasets, significantly speeds up data submission process.

Third, as we work on our projects, we regularly need to synchronize and backup large amount of files between computes. Being able to do so through e.g. a secure ssh connection is a reliable and easily automated way.

Fourth, at least several computers in the lab are Linux worstations. Linux disributions require regular maintenance, which sometimes require downloading gigabyte-size files (e.g., when a new version of a distribution is released).