Juan F. Hernandez Jose


My name is Juan F. Hernandez Jose, I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico. I'm a computer science undergraduate student, I began doing research with Dr. Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga in January 21, 2020. My career short-term goals are to finish my degree in Computer Science, in May 2023. Furthermore, my long-term goals are to pursue graduate studies in Bioinformatics and analyzing biomedical experiments for people with diabetes. Because I still don't have much experience doing research I am doing a lot of reading on the bioinformatics field. This semester I hope to learn more and be able to work in a real proyect along side Humberto and my other lab partners.

Additional Need-To-Know Information

  • I consider myself a realistic person with a good sense of humor. My humor consists usually of sarcastic humor and irony in society.
  • I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 2 years old.
  • I study computer science to find a way to improve the lives of diabetic patients like me but I'm always open to new ideas.
  • I really like socializing with friends I can last hours on that.
  • I like to help others and solves problems but sometimes that's a problem, because if someone needs me, I can't say no.

Contact Info

phone: +1(787) 617-5954 e-mail: juan.hernandez41@upr.edu | alt: hjuanfra0205@hotmail.com
github: https://github.com/JuanHdez1
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juan-f-hernandez-jose-a626501a3

Research Goals

  • Still Searching...


Semester 2020 January - May:

Reading scientific papers for my lab meeting next week
I was assigned to read "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics"
I read "Deep Learning to Analyze RNA-Seq Gene Expression Data" by D. Urda1, J. Montes-Torres, F. Moreno, L. Franco, and J.M. Jerez2,3

Week 4 - Feb 11/2020

  • Almost finished reading "The Cartoon Guide to Genetics" with hopes that it will help me understand better the biology part of the research.
  • I joined Roberto C. López-Rivera and Miguel Hernandez-Betancourt on their research proyect; Autoencoders vs LASSO: applications to breast cancer research.
  • Will follow my lab partners advice on setting a goal each week.
  • Current goal: Finish atleast The Cartoon Guide to Genetics.

Week 5 Feb 18/2020

  • Started learning the basic of informatics on a tutorial video.
  • Started learning how to use Jupiter notebook.

Week Feb 25/2020

  • Started watching this bioinformatics introductory videos.
  • Watching tutorials to learn R coding lenguage and also Roberto is teaching me the basics.
  • Starting to get curious about how to use machine learning in bioinformatics. (random forest and cross validation)