Writing a technical report


Students doing research in megaprobe lab are required to prepare a technical report each semester. This documents provides guidance on preparing a technical report.


General instructions

Use a guide like the one Bianca Colon posted to the megaprobe-lab group. Turn in a draft before the end of the semester, so I can make suggestions. Have another student read your draft before submitting it.

I much prefer LaTeX, you can share your overleaf or sharelatex project with me and I can make suggestions or corrections right in the document.

A technical report should at a minimum contain the following:

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Affiliations
  4. Abstract (write it last)
  5. Introduction
  6. Methods
  7. Results
  8. Conclusions
  9. Future work
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. References

More experienced students

If you have decent results, emphasize your new results, the methods you used, and enough introduction to comprehend the methods and results.

New students in the lab

If you are a new student in the lab, your technical report will probably be short on results. Do an introduction to the problem you are studying, and present a plan for future semesters.


See the publications page on the megaprobe site to see example technical reports.


Every student in megaprobe lab should write a technical report every semester. Follow the above guidelines and examples to do a good job.