• Likes to nap.
  • Update: naps are a rare commodity now, due to lack of free time.

  • Gamer, from tabletop games to videogames.

  • Update: unchanged.

  • Learning the ways of Cybersecurity, taking naps in between.

  • Update: Got a minor in Cybersecurity from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

  • Coffee is life

  • Update: Coffee is still life

Contact info:

Research goals:

  • Part 1
  • Monitor network flows and use machine learning to detect cyber attacks
  • Learn techniques to better monitor networks
  • Learn machine learning techniques

  • Part 2

  • Use PCAs to analyze flow data, to then apply the subspace method to it.
  • Apply results such that they can be combined with machine learning techneques

Weekly report:

Week 1 (28/Jan/19 - 1/Feb/19):

  • Introduced to Megaprobe lab
  • Learned the git jargon and made profile in Megaprobe
  • Cleared up my doubts about my research goals

Week 2 (4/Feb/19 - 8/Feb/19):

  • Started reading papers of previous work on network flows
  • Bought coffee and took a nap
  • Points of interest: Subspace Method, use of pattern recognition to identify anomalies

Week 3 (11/Feb/19 - 15/Feb/19:

  • Continued reading on papers about Netflows
  • Napped before getting coffee
  • Points of interest: Understood the basic idea of the Subspace Method

Week 4 (18/Feb/19 - 22/Feb/19):

  • Began the process of figuring out SiLK, and navigation of work server
  • Had a Algorithm test
  • Points of interest: Complexity of SiLK commands

Week 5 (25/Feb/19 - 1/Mar/19):

  • Continued the process of figuring out SiLK.
  • Learning the SiLK pipeline and the arguments they use, and its out put.
  • Nap levels are decreasing. Coffee levels decreasing. Tired levels rising.
  • Points of interest: SiLK pipeline and interactions with PySiLK,

Week 6 (4/Mar/19 - 8/Mar/19):

  • Somewhat dead week. Little progress made with SiLK.
  • Learning PySiLK and how it works with refining searches in SiLK.
  • Nap levels continue to decrease, as well as coffee. pretty sad about it.
  • Points of interest: PySiLK and SiLK arguments.

Week 7 (11/Mar/19 - 15/Mar/19):

  • Another dead week. More little progress with PySiLK and SiLK.

Week 8 (18/Mar/19 - 22/Mar/19):

  • Finally figured out that I need to export the data from PySiLK and process that.
  • Began the quest to properly process a text file in Python.

Week 9 (25/Mar/19 - 29/Mar/19):

  • No progress due to having a High Level Programing Languages test that week.

Week 10 (1/Apr/19 - 5/Apr/19):

  • Finally processed the txt file and managed to get some structured results.
  • Can probably used the same method for other types of SiLK data. Need to test it out.
  • Elaborate on results here

Spring Semester 2019-2020 Reports

Week 1 (27/Ene/2020 - 31/Ene/2020):

  • Humberto instilled fear in our lives by saying we have to present our research at the SIDIM
  • Re-read my technical report, turns out is kinda horrible.

Week 2 (3/Feb/2020 - 7/Feb/2020):

  • Started working on the abstract
  • Compilers is the land of wizards and eldritch magic that is slipping between my fingers

Week 3 (10/Feb/2020 - 14/Feb/2020):

  • Abstract was submitted
  • Compilers continue to reveals it's almost incomprehensable eldritch secrets.
  • "Confien en la recursion" by Humberto Ortiz, to explain compilers magic that happens

Week 4 (17/Feb/2020 - 21/Feb/2020):

  • Abstract was, regrettably, accepted to the SIDIM.
  • Compilers and Computer Graphics HW monopolized most of my time. Progress in research was none.
  • JavaScript/HTML are terrible. Ocaml is picky in weird ways, that i don't understand very well.

Week 5 (24/Feb/2020 - 28/Feb/2020):

  • Started PCA tutorial, as they are needed for the subspace method.
  • Hit some embarrassing snags, when using silk pipeline in tech-report
  • Eldritch secrets are slowly being revealed in Compilers