• Hello! I'm Arístides, and I am extremely passionate about personal and social health. I have a studied different complementary health practices and am currently a pre-med student in the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras campus. My long term goals are to become a family medicine practitioner, and fuse said practice with complementary practices.

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Doctor: I'm not sure of the cause... I think it could ve due to alcohol. Patient: That's OK. I'll come back when you're sober.
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Research goals:

Spring 2018:

  • Research penile cancer
  • Research the possibility of genetic differences on subjects with penile cancer

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Weekly Update:

Spring 2018:

Week 8: (8-14/April)

  • Requested access to the data on the different databases/data sources found
  • Received new data source from Humberto
  • Finally updated my git page and realized time was flying
  • Started working with the new data

Week 7: (1-7/April)

  • Started looking for other data sources

Week 6: (25-31/March)

  • Was swamped with projects

Week 5: (18-24/March)

  • Holy week

Week 4: (11-17/March)

  • Started working on the data on hand

Week 3: (4-10/March)

  • Started research on Penile Cancer

Week 2: (18/February-3/March)

  • Continued research on GBM

Week 1: (16-17/February)

  • Gained access to MegaProbe Lab
  • Started to learn about TCGA
  • Started research on GBM

Older Jokes:

I find this Humerus

Older Research Goals:

Spring 2018:

  • Learn more about The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Project
  • Research glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)