My name is Roberto J. Herrera, a biology major/ math minor from the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey. I am really interested in the field of bioinformatics, I hope this experience will allow me to gain computational skills and understanding. Outside of science, I enjoy watching and analyzing sports particularly basketball.

Research Description

My research will involve comparing different genomes between healthy and diseased tissue in order to ascertain interesting variance between the two through the use of Kmers.

Week 1

I have the read the following paper Kevlar: A mapping-free framework for Accurate Discovery of de Novo Variants

Week 2

I have read and presented the following paper in journal club De novo mutations in histone-modifying in congenital heart disease

I have created a rough draft of my semester plans, I will be using the Technical Report: Cancer Detection from Kmers by Louis Gil as my theoretical and methodological frame work. I will be using the following week in order to ascertain the data set that I will be using.

Week 3

I have downloaded Trimmomatic for use in my project.

I also wrote report deatailing my semester plans in regards for the project.

I am still working in ascertaining a data set.

Week 4

I set up a Split-Fatsa Fasta-FastQ program converter for the project.

Week 5

I created an account to access cancer genome patient data from Baylor Human Genome Sequencing Center to access some cases for comparison

I installed Trimmomatic on an external hard drive. I will currently try to learn how to run and use it.