Paola V. Figueroa-Delgado, BS

Short Biography

My name is Paola V. Figueroa Delgado, born and raised in a small town in Puerto Rico known for its amazing coffee. Curious to which? Ask, there might be coffee included. I am a molecular cellular biology undergraduate student participating under the Neuro-ID Research Program, a training NIH BP-ENDURE grant to increase diversity in neuroscience. Furthermore, I am currently the founder and president of the National Neuroscience Student Association (NNSA). We aim to propel diversity and engagement in STEM by providing a mutlidisciplinary platform where the academic and national community can interact and learn of neuroscience and its relevance. I believe it is important to communicate science and our achievements to the next-generation scientists and pioneers through educational experiences and activities that contribute to their academic and personal development. In addition, I'm currently working at Dr. Garcia-Arrara's Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory researching on the relationship and/or role the nervous system has on intestinal regeneration via in vivo and in vitro studies.

Additional Need-To-Know Information

  • I am a very funny human, with the occasional hint of sarcasm.
  • I am highly optimistic and focused.
  • About 99% of the time, when asked how I am, I will be stressed. The other 1% I spend sleeping.
  • I will never turn down coffee. I will probably "turn down for what". (Google the reference if not understood) ;)
  • I did archery (yes, I used an actual bow and arrow).
  • I'm relatively new to programming. All help is highly welcomed.

Contact Info

phone: (787) 718-2752 e-mail: | alt:

Research Goals

  • Learn how to apply programming in Python to RNA-seq analysis
  • Understand and create an assembly of recorded tissue sequences (H. glaberrima transcripts)
  • Become a well-formed hacker to save the country from the current Presidency (#HackDemocracy) ... jk (maybe).


2016.02.07 Reading scientific journals for reference.