Dania M. Rodriguez, MSc


Work related:

  • I have a master's degree in biology and phylogenetics.
  • I've been working with genomics and next generation sequencing for ~15 years (through the Resource Center for Science and Engineering of UPR).
  • I am currently working at the CDC as a Data Manager performing data cleaning and analysis (hopefully soon) using R.

Not work related & dani-rules:

  • I love gaming -- any gaming talk is welcome!
  • I love D&D and related -- any D&D and related talk is welcome!
  • I love movies -- any movies talk is also welcome!
  • You are NOT allowed to inquire about my age -- anyone who guesses will earn a quarter and must: "keep it secret, keep it safe"

Contact Info

e-mail: dania.rodriguez@upr.edu | alt: dmrodz@gmail.com
github: https://github.com/dmrodz
linkedin: http://pr.linkedin.com/in/dmrodz

Research Goals

I'm interested in de novo sequencing assembly pipelines and how to tweak them into addressing problematic regions in the genome.

I am also interested in Big Data.


2016-03-24: waiting for department to make me official | writing a proposal
2016-04-26: proposal official draft 1 done & awaiting crucifiction | editing nonetheless | started research for review |
        still waiting for department decision
2016-05-31: submitted proposal!! | reading up to write review