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TCGAnalysis Project

Week 6: (15-19/Jan)

  • Continue reading the article about 'Salmon', thanks to the research I did last week on Bayesian Inference, the section called "Online Methods, objectives and mondels for abundance estimation" is a lot easier to read.
  • I looked for information on some biology topics, to understand concepts such as nucleotides or transcriptomes

Week 5: (8-12/Jan)

  • Did research on Bayesian Inference.
  • Also look for information on Expectation-Maximization algorithms

Week 4: (18-22/Dec)

  • Started reading the article titled "Salmon provides accurate, fast, and bias-aware transcript expression estimates using dual-phase inference"
  • It's a very complicated paper, there are so many concepts I don't understand, only in the introduction.
  • I kept reading the same part (introduction) without understanding too much of the information, but finally found a section under the name of 'Algorithms' which resumes pretty much what salmon is about.

Week 3: (11-15/Dec)

  • Started reproducing the code from the "Processing TCGA mRNA expression data" workshop and had a problem with a missing package called GenomeInfoDbData

Week 2: (4-8/Dec)

  • Reproduce the code from the "Microarray data analysis using Bioconductor" presentation, without any problems

Week 1: (26/Nov-1/Dec)

  • Create GitHub account
  • Read Microarray Analysis With Bioconductor Workshop
  • Read UPR workshop: Processing TCGA mRNA expression data