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Bonjour! I do not know french. I'm a Chemistry major that recently discovered the world of Computer Science, jumped into a Bioinformatics lab, and am hoping not to drown here. I'm part of an undergraduate, diversity oriented, neuroscience research opportunity program called NeuroID. I dance classical ballet, play piano, and constantly avoid insults for not really enjoying watching movies. My favorite word is "bubbly".


Research Goals

  • This semester I plan to read a lot of papers, actually understand them, learn how to code, make mamma proud.

Weekly Reports

Week one (Jan 29, 2017 - Feb, 4 2017)

  • Started and completed the Command Line course on Code Cademy.
  • Started the Python course on Code Cademy.
  • Read (but not fully analyzed) Israel O. Dilan Pantoja's paper "Analysis of Mutual's output and some contributions".