I had a good skate session today. I took a lap around the Condado Lagoon. I’ts about 4.4 miles, and took me some 38 minutes. It was partly cloudy and windy, but only sprinkled on the course. The pavement wasn’t too bad, and it was mostly dry. The bike path parallel to Baldorioty Ave. is really nice.

It’s been too long since I skated any distance. It’s good to get some exercise again.

Got in a good run this morning, hitting all the streets in my neighborhood. I ran early, but it was already 99% relative humidity and 80 degrees.

I got in a slightly longer run this morning. It was 2.75 miles in 34 minutes. I’m glad I got in more than 30 minutes, but I’d have liked to cover more distance. The course is pretty tough, the change in elevation is 159 feet.

I hadn’t run in a few days, what with orientations and Tropical Storm Bertha. The weather is nice today though, sunny and breezy.

We recently implemented most of the tools for PR-NETS, a high-speed network based on the architecture in UPR-RP. We’ve been having some trouble moving large files like sequencing data off-campus, so I decided to test if PR-NETS has made a difference.

TL;DR: PR-NETS is awesome. Read the case study for more information.

I’m making good use of the last few days of my vacation by getting some exercise in. I got up a little late today, but went out this morning for a short run. I tried to stay on mostly flat roads, and keep my pace up, but need to work more on it.

My first mile was OK, around 10:39. The last half mile is mostly uphill, and my pace dropped to 12 minutes. I want to do some intervals, after I get some more “fondo”. (Como de dice fondo en ingles?)

I’m still a little sore from my last run, so I went to Old San Juan and skated a while this morning. Almost 4 miles, from Escambron to Condado and back. It was nice. I think I could extend the route past the Walgreen’s and make it a full 4 miles or more.

Next time I want to skate out on Bahia Urbana.

I ran around the neighborhood a while yesterday. I thought I’d be in better shape, because I sporadically bike, skate, row, or juggle, but I was pretty bad. I need to work out more often.

My legs are sore, but not really bad. I need to work on my pace too. I’m going to try to get a few workouts in a week, then do some intervals to get my pace down.

I went for a long row on paseo lineal on Monday morning. It was fun. There were a bunch of iguanas on the river bank, including a couple of really big ones. A lot of people were out walking and cycling. A woman on in-line skates passed me on the stretch to the beach.

My right shoulder is still sore when I reach up. Monday afternoon it hurt to swim. Isaac and I went to the pool with my niece and my sister.