I'm an Associate Professor of Computer Science in the UPRRP, and Adjunct Professor at the UPR-RCM. I am also the Director, Programmer-Archaeologist, and resident troglodyte of the UPR High Performance Computing facility. My PGP keys are online.

I did my PhD at the UPRM CISE program. My dissertation is on the analysis of gene expression using microarrays with Oscar Moreno. My CV is online. This set of static pages holds links to most of the stuff I do.


I perform research principally in bioinformatics, especially the study of gene expression using high-throughput techniques. I also have interest in cyberinfrastructure, both computational and networked.

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I am a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science in Rio Piedras. Information on my courses is available here.

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I have other interests besides computer science. I sometimes post blog entries on diverse topics like juggling, running, hacking, teaching, learning, and reading here.

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