Final project


We were slated to have final presentations of projects the last week of class. COVID-19 has caused a change of plans. You will instead prepare a 3-5 page project write-up instead.


You should select a project, it can be one or several Project Rosalind problems, or an analysis of data using a Bioconductor package, or an analysis of your lab's data. You may work in groups of 2-3 persons on a problem.

Your own solution to a Project Rosalind problem is an acceptable project, as is applying a Bioconductor analysis to a different data set than documented in the package vignette. A bioconductor package usually has a vignette or tutorial, where they apply the package to a sample data set. Find a different data set (can be yours, or another public data set), and apply the same analysis.

You should prepare a write-up that includes:

  1. Title
  2. Authors
  3. Abstract - leave this for last, its easier.
  4. Introduction - including description of the biological problem (and citations).
  5. Methodology - you can describe your solution including code
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Acknowledgments - note any help received from your fellow students (not co-authors)
  9. References


Date Product
Apr 24 Project title and authors
May 1 Introduction
May 8 Methods
May 15 Final report


The write-up will be graded by how clearly you can describe the problem, the clarity of description of the method used, negative results will not be penalized. You should cite appropriately (doesn't have to be extensively). If you share your write up with me, I can provide feedback. Try not to be overly long.