Teaching Summary for ANSI C

 Course evaluations are property of the client and thus are not available. The course lasts one week for 40 hours. The courseware used depends on the client. Below are some selected comments from the most recent ANSI C class that I taught.
Spring 2009 Solicited Comments
  Instructor is obviously very intelligent in course material, and her explanations are sufficiently in-depth to enable full comprehension. By far the best computer-science instructor I've seen. Her instruction enabled me to finally grasp several difficult concepts with C, and I feel much more comfortable with the language as a result.
  Fabulous instructor!!! Explained all examples thoroughly and kept the class focused. Tailored examples/course specifically to our class - even added content not in the course book upon request, i.e. link lists. Immensely helpful; walked beginners through the pseudo code/exercises at the end of each chapter to better aid in our understanding and also provided additional, more complex materials/exercises for those more advanced.
  Very knowledgeable, a great people person. I would highly recommend her.