Teaching Summary for SL275

 Course Syllabus
 Course evaluations are property of the client and thus are not available. Most of the courses would have between 5 - 15 students for the public courses and 15-25 students for the private courses. Courseware was the official Sun courseware that prepares students for the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Examination. Below are some selected comments from a more recent public course that combined the SL110 and SL275 courses into an 8 week course held two nights a week for 3.5 hours.
Spring 2009Solicited Comments for public SL110/SL275
  Nothing to improve Patti did an excellent job
  Patti was an excellent instructor, very concerned that the students learn, and able to handle most questions easily. Given the insufficient time situation, however, I think some questions should have been handled off-line, e.g., via email. Also, in some cases, time was spent working out an ad-hoc program to illustrate a situation. This is an excellent teaching approach, but we once again run into the problem of how much time we have.
  The content was fine the professor was very knowledgeable about the course and selective about the material. Wanting us to get the best software and information to prepare us for the standardized exam. She included valuable tips and techniques for understanding the concepts and passing the standardized exam(s). She was very concerned in makings sure all students were accommodated. Takers and test takers alike.
  The instructor took the time to answer questions during and after class. Always made sure that the subject matter was thoroughly explained in a way that was easily understood.