Teaching Summary for CMSC 201

Fall 2010Student Course Evaluation Questionaire
 Course Syllabus
 Solicited Comments
  Prof. Ordoñez is always cheery and approachable which is astonishing since the class is in the middle of the evening. Plus, she is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, while still being a prof we can relate to. She's just awesome. Best CompSci teacher I've had!
  Professor Ordonez is absolutely wonderful because she is so approachable and easy to talk to. My favorite part is how clearly she elaborates everything. Very easy to understand!
  Unsolicited Comments
  Professor Ordonez is an amazing teacher. She's passionate about otherwise bland material, and can make death by PowerPoint actually bearable. She's willing to help students with whatever they need help with, regardless of how much they participate. I would definitely take any class that she teaches in the Computer Science department.