Teaching Summary for CMSC 104

Fall 2009Student Course Evaluation Questionaire
 Course Syllabus
 Solicited Comments
  The class was always engaged and she asked questions frequently to see if we know what she was saying.
  Demonstated the code during class; it really helped to understand what each aspect was responsible for. Really learned a lot in this class; great instructor
Fall 2005Student Course Evaluation Questionaire
 Course Syllabus
 Solicited Comments
  Ms. Ordonez never belittled anyone. She knew this course was very easy for some and very difficult for others. She also really knew her material.
  Extremely knowledgable, happy, enthusiastic, kind, understanding, etc. One of the best professors I ever had.
  She was very helpful and very approachable. She explained the material very well. The class was never boring!
  Unsolicited Comments
  Very nice. Willing to go above and beyond to help you understand the material. Very organized. Makes sure the entire class understands the content, and likes the whole 'programming experience'. Exams and quizzes are more than fair. One of the best instructors I have ever had. The best CMSC professor at UMBC.
  She is very helpful and a very good teacher. She is always willing to help her students with whatever they need. She is the best teacher I've had at UMBC so far.
  She was the best prof I've had in my whole life. She actually wanted her students to learn instead of just getting paid... Ordonez was the best prof and I wish she would teach CMSC202++