Welcome to the Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras! Funded by the NSF-MRI Award CNS-0923152: NSF-MRI: Acquisition of Equipment for the Establishment of a Reconfigurable Computing Center at the University of Puerto Rico


Reconfigurable computing (RC) implementations have shown dramatic performance improvements (typically 10x 100x) over general purpose (software) computing platforms in an increasing number of applications.  This lab provides computing equipment for research, applications and education on Reconfigurable Computing. The two main activities supported by the Center: research and education will reinforce each other to take advantage of the proved RC paradigm efficiency improvements while creating a community of researchers and students knowledgeable and skilled in this powerful computing approach. In terms of research, this project will initially support interdisciplinary collaboration with research groups in Finite Field applications, Computational Discrete Mathematics, Electronics Design Automation and Developmental Biology. Concurrently, educational efforts will be undertaken to train CS students and other interested personnel in the RC paradigm, as well as the design of algorithms and the implementation on these platforms.

Contact: rafael (dot) arce (at) upr (dot) edu for the latest information.

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